Brick Pointing


What is brick pointing?

Pointing is a very specialist skill. It is a very important aspect of the construction of the building, helping to keep water out of the building. Pointing can, if carried out correctly, give a good aesthetic lift to the building while remaining functional. It will also add value to the property and generally enhance the building presence.

We specialise in weather struck joints, flush joints and recessed pointing. We are happy to discuss and advise the most suitable joint for your property and brickwork.

Our brick pointing preparation and lime mortar services allow for your home to retain its natural beauty through the brickwork.
We can use a water repellent cream to protect your masonry with an additional cost. Our specialist brick pointing cream allows your masonry to retain its natural finish and is well suited for the application to any brickwork or stonework in London and surrounding areas.

Why should I have my house repointed?

Aside from helping to hold up your house, mortar protects against water ingress and helps prevent heat loss through the walls. After a rain, water can freeze in the bricks and surrounding mortar, expanding and causing damage. This freeze-thaw weathering doesn't look good and ignoring damaged or substandard mortar could lead to a damp and cold house.

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We always consult type and color of pointing with our clients in order to achieve unique effects.